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The arts
Only half the audience identifies the UK as a centre of artistic creativity and innovation. The UK's reputation in the arts is seen to lie more in past than present achievements.

Tell me to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements:
'Britain is renowned for creativity and innovation in the arts'.

Across the 17 countries about half of interviewees agreed with this statement; this was balanced by about a quarter who disagreed and another quarter who said 'Neither/nor'. These proportions are very similar to those of the 1999 survey. At that time we could not conclude that the view of the UK as a centre of artistic creativity and innovation had been convincingly established.

The strongest support for the view of UK artistic creativity came from outside Europe - Bangladesh and Nigeria principally (86-92 per cent agreeing), followed by Pakistan and the UAE. Inside Europe we received net negative endorsements from young people in the Czech Republic, Greece and Italy, and managed only a slim positive vote in Hungary and Spain. (In the latter the margin was as narrow as 32 per cent agreeing, 30 per cent disagreeing.)

'Britain's reputation in the arts is based more in the past than the present'

There was a much clearer answer given to this follow-up question: 71 per cent of interviewees agreed that the UK's reputation in the arts is based more on past than present achievement. This view was most shared in those countries that gave the strongest endorsement to UK artistic creativity; and conversely it was people in Greece, Italy and Spain who were most disinclined to agree with it.

The survey also showed that young people who had visited the UK two or more times were much less likely to agree that UK arts were trading on past glories than were those who had never visited here.

'British design is renowned around the world'

Responses to this statement were broadly in line with views of UK creativity and innovation in the arts: in general 48 per cent agreed, 22 per cent disagreed and 26 per cent were non-committal. Those countries that most agreed with the earlier statement tended most to agree with this one, though in the Czech Republic net agreement moved from negative 30 per cent to positive 7 per cent when interviewees were asked about excellence in British design.

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