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The UK, USA, Japan and France enjoy roughly equal standing in terms of favourability. Among the countries surveyed the UK's reputation is best in Nigeria, worst in Greece.

How favourable or unfavourable is your overall opinion or impression of the following countries?

The United Kingdom, USA, Japan and France enjoyed broadly the same level of net favourability, with the UK leading the group by a narrow margin.

If we break out the UK result on a country-by-country basis, however, a number of local differences appear. The UK obtained its best scores in Commonwealth countries (Nigeria, Bangladesh and Kenya), East Central Europe (the Czech Republic and Hungary), the UAE and Italy, where 70 per cent or more of people said their view of our country was 'very' or 'mainly favourable'.

In general in the other countries a positive score was muted by a high proportion of respondents opting for 'neither/nor'. This was especially the case in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Korea, where between 40 and 54 per cent of young people said that their view of the UK was neither positive nor negative.

Actual negative views were few - only 9 per cent across the 17 countries. Their worst manifestation was in Greece, where 24 per cent of people admitted that their opinion of the UK was 'mainly unfavourable' and 4 per cent more said their view was 'very unfavourable'.

The focus group interviews shed no light on the sources of this British unpopularity in Greece. (There is no mention of the Elgin Marbles or Cyprus, for instance.) The fact that the USA also scored badly in that country - in fact, worse than the UK - points to last year's US- and UK-led NATO campaign against Orthodox Serbia as at least a contributing cause of this ill feeling.

The survey found that, in general, women took a slightly more favourable view of the UK than did men, and that repeat visitors were considerably more positive than those who had never been here.

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