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Welcome to the British Council's information services. We are committed to the development of open and thriving information societies world-wide. We work in partnership with organisations in the UK and around the world to ensure that the UK plays an international role in this field.

Access to Information

Our proactive Information Services aim to deliver information packages, tailored to your needs, through electronic and paper-based information sheets and newsletters. To receive the latest information and updates straight to your inbox please contact our Information Manager Raja'a Bazara.

In addition, the British Council works with partner institutions to make information about Britain and British education available in Yemen. We do this through targeted events and briefings, and also through small education resource centres.

We have been obliged due to security reasons to move the lending library and the information centre to offsite locations. We are trying to identify partners where our customers used the materials in the past may still access them.

Additionally, a great deal of information about the UK today may be found on the website:

For further information about our Information Services, please contact:
Raja'a Bazara, Information Services Manager

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