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Development and training services

The British Council in Yemen works to enhance the reputation of the United Kingdom in Yemen as a valued partner in development. In Yemen we contribute to Yemen's development, we work to create a positive image of the UK among the well-informed young, and we promote British education.

Contributing to Development

The British Council has an international reputation for the quality of its project management and training management services. :

  • 1. Project Management Services: in Yemen, we provide management services in support of a number of donor-funded development projects, including:
  • 1.1. Department for International Development's Small Grants Scheme. Working to the British Embassy, the Council identifies and supports 10-15 small projects per year. The scheme aims to achieve impact and value for money by operating at the community level, with government agencies or NGOs. Current projects include community-based rehabilitation for landmine victims, evening literacy classes for rural girls and women, and provision of educational material for the blind. Priority areas are basic education, primary health care, good governance, and women's role in development.
  • 1.2 An anthology of Interviews with Yemeni Women.
  • The Council is managing the compilation and publication of a book of interviews with Yemeni women. Interviewees include Khawla Sharaf, one of the first women MPs in Yemen, and Amat Al-Aleem Al-Suswa, the first Yemeni female Ambassador, and illustrations are by the prominent Yemeni artist Amina Al-Nusairy.

2. Training Management Services in Yemen.

2.1. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office's British Chevening Scholarship Scheme. .

  • The British Council manages the British Chevening Scholarship scheme. The scheme offers one-year Master's degree scholarships to Yemeni men and women occupying key positions within those ministries, agencies and organisations which are key to Yemen's continuing economic and social development.

2.2. Managing donor-funded training & consultancy projects.

The British Council manages a Royal Netherlands Embassy and Ministry of Planning & Development two-year regional training project, under which fifty employees from ministries key to implementing Yemen's reform programme will receive professional development and training in work-related skills and finance, as well as their specialist field.

2.3 English language for development

  • The British Council teaches English to more than 60 Key Women from the Yemeni public and private sector, as part of its policy to continue a targeted programme of English Language Teaching in support of donor-funded development projects

3. Links between British and Yemeni universities.

3.1 European Union university links.

The British Council manages a link between the University of Manchester Institute for Science & Technology and the faculty of Engineering, Sana'a University, to train teaching staff in mechanical engineering in the Doctorate level through research and training courses in UMIST

3.2 The United Kingdom's Fund for International Cooperation in Higher education. .

The British Council manages a Higher Education Link between the Liverpool School of Tropical Health and Medicine and the faculties of medicine in Sana'a and Aden to provide training in priority areas such as reproductive and child health, equity and quality in health sector reform, and major communicable diseases. A second link between the University of Glamorgan, School of Design and Advanced Technology, and Sana'a University's Department of Mechanical Engineering to support local small and medium size industrial enterprises, begins this year.

Support to the Teaching of English

The British Council has a global reputation for supporting and enhancing the teaching of English.

1. The British Council runs a programme of well attended teacher training workshops from its office for teachers of English from the public and private sector. It also runs a programme of Teacher Training courses for local clients.

2. The British Council is in the second year of a project with the Ministry of Education to support the English Language Inspectorate. This summer two Inspectors will be attached to a Local Education Authority in Dorset to study the DfEE's new system for Performance Management of schoolteachers.

3. The British Council continues to advise private English Language Institutes on curricula.

Library & Information Services

1.The British Council runs a library and information centre. The library houses nearly 12,000 books and videos, has a young learners' section, a Talking Books collection, and offers Internet & Multimedia access for the public. The British Council's library and information centre is widely considered to be the best book/multimedia facility of its type in Yemen

2. The Information Centre runs education-counseling sessions for members of the public interested in studying or taking a language course in the UK. It also handles general and education enquiries, handling 3,000 enquiries last year. The British Council aims to introduce an educational placement service during this year and participate actively in placing students at British institutions.

Cultural & Educational Exchange

The Council supports a rich programme of cultural and educational activities, including:

1.. Supporting participation in seminars, conferences, and training attachments.

2. Participation in a number of cultural events including the European Film Festival, Musical Events featuring British musicians, and British Weeks in Sana'a and Aden.

3.Co-hosting conferences and training workshops. This autumn, with colleagues from the Ministry of Education, and US Embassy, the British Council is organising the inaugural English Language Teaching conference in Yemen, a three-day teacher training conference for 200 English language teachers and Ministry of Education English Language Inspectors.

The British Council Yemen

For further information concerning the British Council's Activities visit our activities in development and training services page. Alternatively, learn more about the British Council Yemen's Cultural Events.

For information about the Council's work in development, please contact:

Fatima Kahtan, Manager Development Services
Mohammed Abbas, Development Services Officer
Raya Al- Moayad, Development Services Assistant

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